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Chesapeake Bay Properties

The Nation’s #1 Technical Real Estate Investors

Chesapeake Bay Properties leverages technology and systems to find untapped markets where we can invest in real property for profit.

As Technical Real Estate Investors, we use the best systems and processes to reduce risk and accelerate high-margin returns.


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Serial entrepreneurs, corporate executives, board members and professional investors in the technology and real estate markets.
  • Data Mining & Web Scraping
  • Disruptive Processes and Systems
  • Social Media and Crowd Funding
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Live Deal Streams and Automation

When is Hard Money A Good Strategy?

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Top Three Mistakes That House Flippers Make

To some people, flipping can be a gamble. There aren’t any real ways to make flipping a guaranteed money-maker 100% of the time. However, there are techniques that can help you greatly increase your chances. [...]

How to Boost Your Flipping Returns

Now more than ever, house flipping has become more competitive. Prices are rising, and the for-sale listings won’t keep up. Despite the inherent risks, this can also bring potentially bigger returns for a majority of [...]

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